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Knight Seeker NEWS 2005

Post  knight seeker on Sat May 29, 2010 7:43 am

June 19. 2005

The fans wanted to know more about me so I guess I should say a little more about myself. Why I got into appreciating science fiction.

Well it all started a long time ago in a gallaxy far far away... Oops wrong time period, but you can tell I have a thing for Star Wars,
but also I love Star Trek. Those two fictional worlds I really do love deeply, and it made me appreciate more about life and my
surroundings. My scifi quest had started with Star Trek and I had no idea what I was getting involved with but for some reason
I got hooked to it. I got to admire the personalities of the characters from all four shows; the original series, Deep Space Nine,
Voyager, and I loved The Next Generation the most, I never have not gotten into the grove of the newest show Enterprise but
I guess in time I will watch the reruns of it. I also had written a novel for Deep Space Nine before I started with Knight Seeker.
One day I will submit that book but right now Knight Seeker is my passion.

At the age of about ten when I was starting to watch the original series of Star Trek on UHF cable had finally came into my area
and every day during the summer I watched Star Wars the Empire Strikes back with my cousin Gerald Neal while we were over
our grandmother's house for the summer. It was amazing how that same movie came on everyday. Later I got to see all three
movies along with the newest ones that were just released. I like the Star Wars universe as well since it was more of the fun side
of Sci-fi and a little more emotional.

Later came something that made my heart pulse and quicken in fright. That same cusin of mine had me watch something late at
night when I was around 12 years old I think I was back then. It was Arnold and he was a down right brutal person in his role as
the Terminator. I was scared and intriqued all at the same time. When the Terminator got up out of the fire I was truely amazed
and even more frightened than I ever was before. Talk about a determined machine, that bad boy was on a mission and did not
let anything get in his way. I kind of took that to heart and learned more about determination through my sci-fi eyes. One of the lines
in the movies that stuck with me the most was, "Listen and understand. That Terminator is out there. It can't be barginned with, it cant
be reasoned with. It doesn't feel, anger, fear, or remorse, and it absolutely will not stop ever until you are dead." Man talk about
a mission statement. After seeing that movie I really thought I wanted to go into robotic engineering. But that was way too much
schooling for me.

Next thing to hit my plate was Alien. Again thanks to Gerald my cousin again had me watch this one. Now this was a little different in
my mind since it was a creature and not a machine that was trying to axe off the characters. I was scared again but after the movie
was over I was pretty cool with many of the horror movies out there. Then Aliens came along and man that was one great movie.
It was filled wtih action and comedy all at once. Also the weaponry was great to see. The dark settings in both films really set up
the proper atmosphere.

Finally the Predator. Now for some reason when I got to see the Predator movies it seemed to combine both the Terminator and
Aliens together all in one character. Once I was complete with watching that and other scifi related films I knew they were all a part
of my life. But thats me folks, just a man on a mission.

Til next time guys. Stay frosty becuase its summer time here in the U.S.

July 24, 2005

Just got back from San Diego and it was a very productive trip. I will inform interested parties informed as to the projects that will
be going on for the rest of this year. Things are looking better each passing week, and not to mention merchandise is now being
made by artists skilled in weaponry.

Aug. 14, 2005

Some questions that I have been asked during this project. And now comes is the time to answer some of your questions.

Who is Knight Seeker?
Knight Seeker is a human who has been given certain powers in a unique way that enable to protect our world.
But his human side is very interesting. Being Nygel Spinner is a task in itself. He has a very down to earth personality.
He's not really a geek but he is very diverse in his way of thinking. Knight Seeker's abilities are also cutting edge
and very formidable. I really don’t want to reveal too much because I don't want to ruin the surprises that await you
while reading the novel.

Where does Knight Seeker live?
Knight Seeker aka Nygle Spinner lives in Trenton, New Jersey. Why Trenton, New Jersey some people asked.
I say why not. I was born here and I could talk about an area I know since I have lived here all of my life. Also not to
forget Trenton is the capital city of New Jersey. Another good reason to have the home area of the character be
New Jersey is because in the comic world New Jersey really has no superhero. Well I should not say that the
Toxic Avenger is our superhero. I am not going to take anything from the creators of that character but I think it's
time for a serious change.

When is the time setting of the book?
It's actually present day so that it is more relatable to the reader. Even some current event references are touched
upon in the book. I will not try to fool around with time lines, it gets a little tricky so we will keep pressing forward
with time as it is today.

What is Knight Seeker's purpose?
Knight Seeker's aka Nygel Spinner's purpose it to do what he can to protect others when their is no hope. He will
take on the duties of a Seeker (Seeker will be revealed in the novel).

Why did I create the character?
Oh man that is a long question to answer I say. Ok lets start here, I created Knight Seeker for the purpose of bring
a much needed change to the comic and novel industry. You may ask what kind of change am I talking about.
To put it simply the superhero market is stagnating, so a new breed of superhero was needed to change the playing field.
He needed to be as real as I could make him, and in doing so his origin was taken from some of the events in my life.
So I guess you could say I am Nygel Spinner in the first few chapters. Then later it breaks off and he becomes his
own person, but I did have his personality pretty much related to mine.

When I wrote the characters in this book I tried to put myself in their shoes, even the villains as well. I kind of shocked
myself at the same time when I was thinking in an evil way. I am use to being the nice guy, but even Knight Seeker
comes to a point in the book when the reader is not sure if he is good or evil when he starts to tap into the darker
side of his personality. But to have both sides play out in your mind is only human which we all are. We all have
needs, wants, desires, and we want to feel fulfilled in what we do, and the characters in this book go through the same emotions.

Another reason why this character exists is because I was denied something I wanted in my life, and that desire
never left me. (Read about it in the novel) I thought that the desire would leave me, and I tried to block it out
and move on with my life, but the only problem was that I kept thinking about the possibilities of actually having a dream come true.

News and Reviews

REVIEW -The reviews have been great and people love how the book is rolling out.

NEWS - Knight Seeker will be at San Diego International Comic Con on Saturday night and Sunday. Knight Seeker
will be entered into the masqurade contest. I hope you guys like the new suit when you see it.

Aug. 10, 2005 Now the fun begins I guess most people will say at this point in the project since you can now order
the book from Barnes and Nobel, Borders, and other book stores. The retail store will not stock my novel yet since
I really dont have a name for myself in the novel industry as of yet. Of course through time that will change.

The San Diego Comic Con was fun and I met some very interesting contacts while I was there. A lot of people appreciated
that I hung in there with this project, and they see many positive things that will come out of it. Currently I am gearing
myself up for Dragon Con in Atlanta, Ga for early September. This year Irtiza will rejoin me as Tygron, and I will have
a Proto-type Knight Seeker suit that I will construct for the convention.

Plans are in place for a Knight Seeker trailer film that will most likely be shot in mid fall this year. This trailer will be
shorter than the first fan film that was shot for this project. The short fan film that was created back in 2004 has become
a conflicting issue with all parties involved so it can no longer be used to promote the finalization of the Knight Seeker project.
As they say things happen, but I have a dream and I will do what I can to make this project stand tall and proud.

Oct. 04, 2005

Dragon Con was awesome. Got to hang with a great crew of people, and a nice highlight of the whole thing was that
Ray Park aka Darth Maul received the book he was waiting on so long from me. This year was a whole new year for
me at Dragon Con. It felt great having my own crew with me, usally I am solo or with one other, but this year I had my
own small group. Its nice being the ring leader. But anyway if you have never been to Dragon Con I would say you
need to check it out at It is help every Labor Day weekend down in Atlanta, GA. Anything related
to fantasy or science fiction is there. Be in store for a great time.

On other notes dealing with the Knight Seeker project, I am happyu to say I am 1/2 way done with the first rough draft of
the second story. Its a lot of work but man your gonna love it if you liked the first novel.

The newer Knight Seeker suit is being constructed in hopes that it will be ready by my first offical book signing at Oxford
Valley Mall in Bucks County PA by Oct 22nd Saturday. I hope to show up in suit and sign my books for m new fans.

Last bit of news is that we are looking forward to conducting a brand new trailer for the novel by late fall. Staff and crew
are ready.

Nov. 11, 2005
I finally got a confirmation on the date for the book signing at Oxford Valley Mall Borders it is offical now. Had a delay in
getting the books, sorry about that. It's life as they say. Okay now we have a true date and a true event at Oxford Valley Mall.
The book signing will be on -Nov 19th Saturday from 1pm-3pm. And yes the costume is just about completed so I hope
to have it for the book signing. Hope to see some of my current fans and new ones as well.

Also note I shall be in attendence at Mega-Con in Orlando Florida in Late Feb'06. First time I will have my own table at a convention.

Dec. 5, 2005
I have been rather busy lately with the second book I am writing and trying to take care of advertisements. I am 60% done
with the new novel and I hope by early next summer Volume 2 of Knight Seeker: Pieces of the game, can be released.
The book signing at Oxford Valley Mall's Border's Express went very well. Special thanks to Ernest, and Patrick for making
my first book signing a wonderful experience. People were really interested to know more about this character, and it was
a fun experience talking to the people about the character, and also signing their books. I hope to do more of these book
signings soon. Stay tuned.

Dec. 21, 2005
The day of the winter season, and it really hit. For the time being I will not be shooting the trailer for Knight Seeker as of yet
til Spring when it gets a little warmer out. Would seem a little odd to have snow in the back ground since the first novel takes
place in the late Spring season.
From what I am seeing the novel has started a little buzz around the area and people are buying the books more rapidly
than before. I guess the ball is starting to roll a little faster. I love it when people come into my place of work and have me
sign their books for them, and even getting back to me saying the story really kicks butt. I hope that the ball keeps rolling
faster because I am in the hunt to make this character stand out in the superhero sci-fi community.
The last note I will leave with is that I am in training for a newer suit that I hope will top the last ones that I have had made for me.
Also training hard in the gym and trimming the fat to have that more heroic style look that people really appreciate.
When I arrive at Mega-Con I want to look my best and that a suit that will catch a lot of attention. Hope to see some of you
guys there at Mega-Con in Orlando Florida

**To all have a blessed and happy holiday season, and see more updates at the start of the new year.**

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