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Knight Seeker NEWS 2006

Post  knight seeker on Sat May 29, 2010 7:48 am

Jan. 04, 2006
It's the start of a brand new year. Time to really get to work in getting the book out to the public. This year I will try to get
some radio time, and perhaps some television time on a morning show if possible. I am well into the second novel and
I had to fine tone a few things, but I still am looking for a mid summer release date for the second novel. I had so much
info to put out in this second book but I decided to scale it back some and save some stories and character developments
for the third book.
I have also been interviewed by a site called

The online interview can be read here
More to follow, take care everyone and enjoy your new year.
Link to the novel

Feb. 2, 2006
There is only about 2 1/2 weeks left til MegaCon in Orlando Florida, and I got all of my paper work for my table out there
so I can't wait to arrive. I need the vacation time. This month I had received a letter from Barnes and Nobel to inquire if
I can get the buyers of the corporation to stock my novel in their stores, but they said my character was too new and its
a competitive market in the sci-fi community. Well you know that will not stop me, and I have been sending out promotional
letters to see if I can get any press releases. This is a long project so I know I have to suck it up and take the punches
because this project is definitely worth every letter I have to write, and all the miles I have to travel. Eventually when this
train really starts moving nothing can stop it.

Also to add I have been updating the character page with trailer panels for the shooting we want to take place some time
in March. My staff is really looking forward to it. Also I have a new artist that is doing the trailer story board panels. His
name is Ian Ranney. Take a look at some of his work and I will try to have a Bio on him in a week or so.

To everyone take care, and this train is still moving.

Feb. 23, 2006
Spring has officially arrived and we are busy getting ready to put the crew together for our short film to advertise for the
first novel. The crew is excited as am I.
Also a new product will be available for the Seeker fans soon, they are custom built simple style Knight Seeker suits.
We hope they go over very well. I will be modeling these suits along with a friend in the next couple of weeks.
We hope to have more costume styles coming soon. I will keep all of you informed.

March 7, 2006
March has been great so far.
I was contacted by Stan Lee and also his staff about sending in an application to his new superhero reality tv show.
I will try to see where it goes. I am not looking for anything big here, but it is something that holds my interest.
That is about all for now, and I hope to start shooting the short Web film later this month or in early April.

April 30, 2006
Another month to get things set up for the next venture into this project. We are now starting to get the filming crew together
for the short film to promote the first novel of Knight Seeker. Also I have 3 - 4 artists for this character and his world.
I am going to try to pull the team of artists together to do a comic book preview which should relate to the short film we are
about to attempt. People are giving me a lot of great feedback on what I am doing so far with this project, and I thank you
all for your awesome comments.

On to other things, I was not picked for the Stan Lee's "Who wants to be a superhero" T.V. show that will be showing on
the Scifi network in July. Its fine really I have a lot going on as it is, and I hope the show does well.

To keep you guys up to date on the 2nd book it goes well and I am up to the 20th chapter. I try to not go over 30 chapters
in any books that I write because it may appear too long winded and I know my readers like action, and not a bunch of fluff.
So I will stick to that train of thought when I write.

Things seem to be going along as they should and now the public can start ordering Knight Seeker suits from this site to
custom built or generic sizing. The first suits are made of PVC/ Lycra. The design is of a Phase One version simple
construction, but the suits makes a nice statement when your in it. There are two versions of these suits and they can be
ordered from me just contact me and I will handle your order. More information about these suits can be read on the
Products/Supporters/Links page. Dark blue regular Lycra and gold foil Lycra suits should be ready for purchasing mid to late May.

Phase 1 Knight Seeker Suits PVC / Lycra

May 18, 2006
The short film for the first Knight Seeker novel will be underway soon. I will be directing the film, and also acting as
Nygel Spinner aka Knight Seeker. I must admit I am a little nervous about it, but at the same time I am excited about
the whole filming project. This should be breaking history since no one to my knowledge has published a novel on a
superhero and at the same time directed and played in his own filming project for a superhero drama. This project will
truly separate me from the creators of superhero characters.

More to follow.

June 05, 2006
The short film is coming along and we need to do one more day of shooting to finish the project. All my actors have worked
out well so far and I hope we can get that last day of shooting the film completed in a timely manner. Directing a film for my
first time is a lot of work, but my staff has been there to offer suggestions and it makes this experience much more fun
and interesting.
The second book I kind of got side tracked in while doing this film but I am back on the trail and the writing is flowing well
once more.

More news to come, and don't forget the newer costumes are for sale on the product page.

July 10, 2006
I am ready for San Diego International Comic Con and some R & R. I am still working on a good chunk of the second novel
and hope to keep it's release on a timely manner. I have lowered the prices of the costumes for promotional purposes which
I think many people will be happy with. I am still getting very good feed back from the buyers of the first book and I am trying
to lock down on a book agent in the next 2 months so that more of the public will know about the novel, but I do appreciate
any referrals people may have for me.

Oct 01,2006
Oh man this has been a busy project. I have been very busy with getting the last 1/5 of the rough draft done for the second
novel completed along with my rough draft editor Thomas Chervenak. So far Tom ha been happy with what has been written
and we had to redo a few things to make the story smoother, but at the same time he has watched my steps and advised me.
I am very happy to have him do this task for the project.

We just got finished on Saturday Sept 30th of filming more of the trailer for the 1st novel. It was an awesome time for everyone.
I was suppose to have an actor play my role as Knight Seeker, but could not get a hold of him during that day so I had to put
the suit on. I thought it would be a little bit of a pain, I got kind of use to the idea of directing instead of trying to do Knight Seeker
and directing at the same time. Most of the session I did do my part as director, but then when I am in these action sequences
I can't see myself, so I had my actors take command, and they do a great job. That of course is when I have full confidence
and respect to my associates, and they sure have earned it. I hope that people are aware that my staff has deserved my time
and all that I can do for them. They see something in this project that is important, and that it will stand the test of time.

I will still have to do separate shootings for my actors and take care of their interviews. Also I would like to thank Malachi Matcho
for his excellent filming of the 3rd major day of shooting. It was hard to get him out to the other 2 major filming sessions,
but he came through for this third filming day. He is always professional and much is appreciated for his time along with his efforts.

I will be updating the site with newer pictures of my staff and also more information about them. I will also try to get more into
the legal side of things with shooting film on public and state property. One of the State Troopers had a little issue about us
filming in the court yard area of the State House, which to my knowledge has public access for recreation and shooting pictures,
but since we were filming he felt as though he had to step in and say something as he rolled up in his squad car. I just think
that the officer, oops sorry he kind of took offense to being called officer, even though he said that he did not. He stated that
he would rather be called Trooper since he earned it. Well lets say that Trooper such and such, was a little bored and wanted
to see what was going on. If he wanted to be part of the filming all he had to do was say so, but he allowed us to continue for
another ten minutes of shooting, which winded up being another hour. He never came back to our knowledge but my staff
noticed a local police car slowing down to watch the action and went about his patrolling. I guess the Trooper had kids and
started to understand the importance of the project, since it was representing New Jersey I had to keep reminding him, and
that Mayor Doug Palmer and his staff are aware of this project. But all in all that third major day of shooting by far was the
best day of all.

Dec 29, 2006
Merry Christmas to all my fans and a Happy New Year to all the people who will come after you in 2007.

I plan to be very busy with some advertising in 2007 but also to break a deal with a major publishing company, they will be
reviewing the book early next year. If they don't accept my work I will be seeking out a company that can take Knight Seeker
into their fold. I hope to keep all of you on the edge of your seats in 2007, and to have the second book ready for publication
by early summer. I have roughly four more chapters to write to complete the first draft, then the editing team goes to work.

I will be adding probably two more cities to my conventioning tours in 2007 so dont be surprised if you see me a little closer
to your own area this year. Also been training my tail off along with proper dieting, so I am looking more like my character
with each passing week. I hope all of you know hitting the gym keeps you young and looking great. Don't dare take your
health lightly, it can make a big difference in your life.

Last bit of news, I have the pleasure of informing you that I have taken on an extremely talented artist that will be working
with the Knight Seeker project. I do not have permission to reveal his name as of yet, but I am sure all of you will be very
pleased with this artist. And lastly I hope to have the short trailer finished by spring time.

I hope all of you have an awesome New Year and stay tuned for more exciting news from Knight Seeker.

"Whatever you start, you must finish" - Knight Seeker

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