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Knight Seeker NEWS 2007

Post  knight seeker on Sat May 29, 2010 7:53 am

Feb 10, 2007
Winter is upon us and boy is it cold. The New Jersey area has been in good graces though, we have not had any major
snow storms as of yet, and the beginning of winter was not that cold to start off the season. But with the outside being as
cold as it is my staff and I will be waiting for the month of March to start shooting video again in hopes to wrap up the full trailer.

Everyone has been busy though and in good health from what I hear. I do have to send a personal thanks to Paul Borowski
for all the editing work that he is doing for the trailer so far. If your notice Teaser Trailer # 3 has just been added, you will
also observe that it is just rough shooting like the rest without the full editing work. Once all the shooting is done that is when
Paul and myself will sit down to make the full complete trailer. The project is always a work in progress and from what my
public has to tell me, they are very happy with what we have done so far.

As far as the second novel installment of Knight Seeker goes, I have to delay it a touch due to the fact that the first novel I
ever written for Deep Space Nine is calling me back to it. Yeah odd isn't, it and I cant explain it. The novel was completed
before I started the Knight Seeker project, but it was un edited. Its kind of funny though when I look back at this book I
noticed the characters I had written and forgot about. I enjoyed the characters that I had created and introduced into the
world of Deep Space Nine. I just hope to get this out of my system by the end of the month so that I can finish up
Knight Seeker 2, and there is only four chapters left to complete it.

Everyone have a great month and I hope God willing, to update the site yet again in March 2007.

MARCH 15, 2007
Ah Spring is now coming to the great North-East and man its great to finally go outside to non subfreezing temperatures.
I enjoyed my time at Mega-Con in Orlando, Florida late in Feb. but wow it was way too cold to walk around in costume outside,
but me and my friends took on the weather. Then a week later at the very end of Feb. I was at New York Comic Con, and I
had a good time with friends there as well. I am starting to see that people are coming up to me more than before to ask me
how my novel is doing and they can't wait for the next book to be out on the market for Knight Seeker. I even got a picture a
friend of mine took while I was talking to Major Victory from the tv show Stan Lee's Who Wants To Be A Superhero. People
kept on asking me why I did not want to be on the show with my character as did the show's staff called me up to get me in the
process to be on the program, but Knight Seeker is far too serious for that area of entertainment. It was an appreciated offer
of course but I am looking to do better things with the character.

I can now tell all you guys that the 2nd volume to Knight Seeker is well underway to completion. I took a few weeks off with
the Deep Space Nine Book I talked about back in early Feb. I found something in there to get me focused so that I could return
to Knight Seeker 2. I never finished the full edit to the D.S.9 novel, so I am saving it if I have to finish the last quarter and find
something in there to help me commit to Knight Seeker 3, oh yes I will try to keep the story going for my flagship character.

To all have a safe and blessed Spring 2007 also visit the site from time to time to look for the updates as they come about
once a month.

MAY 27, 2007

I know you guys have been waiting for updates for about 2 months now. I am sorry for the
delay but I have been busy with completing up Knight Seeker 2 : Crimes of Passion.
I am just finishing up the last chapter this holiday weekend, and I am very pleased with
what this second book gets involved with. There is a wider character structure where I
believe my readers will find a character in the story that they can truly relate with.
The second novel is full of action and also it should keep the reader's full attention and
very interested in seeing what happens next after each page is turned. The first book of
Knight Seeker was noted as being a true page turner, but this second novel will make
the reader want to just go through the book in two days without any attempts in putting
it down. Keep in mind though that Knight Seeker 2 : Crimes of Passion, is longer than
the first novel. There is more involved and an emotional roller-coaster for most of the characters.

I am giving the world a new set of superheros that I feel as though should inspire a large
group of people to get back into reading even if your not a scifi or superhero fan I think
you will look past that since its a good story line, and you will be equally entertain.
Besides its the characters and personalities that make the story not the superpowers they posses.
I follow George Lucus's example when he states that you can have all the big budget special
effects in a movie and if it doesn't have a good story line or well developed characters applied
to it, your production will not be legendary. Its a very true teaching, and that is what I follow.
I don't want to bore the reader with a bunch of fluff I want to give them the meat, and to have
the books always moving to where you become a part of the action itself.

I have been collecting my team of artists for the past year and I am happy to say I will have
chapter art for different sections of Knight Seeker 2. I also have three editors on staff for this
second book. My rough draft editor is Thomas J. Chervenak. The main editor from the first
Knight Seeker novel Tim Grundmann is coming back on this project. People have really enjoyed
the awesome job Tim has done in bringing the feel of New York City to the reader since he
does live there which made it a pleasure for him give it that Big Apple touch. The third editor
which came as a surprise to me is my cousin Gerald Neal. Gerald has a masters in education
and enjoyed the first novel so much he wanted to sit on the staff for Knight Seeker 2. This is
my team of awesome people to work with, and the artists will be known in the next coming
months before the second novel is released in the market place.

The plan that most of my readers want me to do is to go on to t.v. and radio programming to
promote both books since they said if the first novel was just the scratch of the surface of what
I can do then I need to really push for national coverage on this project. I will let all of you
know that I will hope to obtain a movie right for the first novel as many of you were wishing for.
Let see if this wish comes true for all of us who have been captured by the world of Knight Seeker.

New Jersey finally has a mainstream style superhero, he just has be known about, that ladies
and gentlemen is my job. More to come soon.
Eric Cooper

June 30, 2007 (Summer is Here)

The second book is completed on my end and the editors will be busy for the next couple
of months with the story I weaved for them to read. One editor will handle the full rough draft.
The second editor will work on the locations that the book is set in, and the last editor will make
sure it all comes together giving his own touches to the novel.
Now next comes the artists, there will be 5-7 artists on the staff for this second novel. I will be
firming up with the ones who wish to work on the chapter art and novel cover.
I am very pleased with the work that is coming together so far, and this project is truly blessed.
I just hope that is catches the eyes of movie producers since most of my readers keep telling me
to look for movie rights, and trust me my table is open. For now we will focus on the novels
and see what comes along.
Keep hitting up this site for news about New Jersey's own Superhero unlike any other in the
SciFi and Comic Book realm.

July 14, 2007
I am getting geared up for San Diego International Comic Convention which is less than 2 weeks
A new Knight Seeker suit is being worked on by Tom Sirkot of Mount Holly, NJ. This professional
costume designer has been in the business of creating dance wear for a number of years and is
surprisingly young.

I learned this week that I should be working with out of the ordinary artists that have a style all
their own. When someone looks at their artwork they should have an idea who drew it by
their craft. I enjoy working with people that don't create text book type art. Knight Seeker
and his world is not typical, so the artwork should reflect the same. I am very fortunate to get
that understanding this early before I assign the artists I would like to work with on Book 2's
chapter artwork. I want to keep to what I feel is right for the world of the knight. Also I would
like to welcome both Rodney Jacobsen, and Kyle Kirkner to the artist team of Knight Seeker.
Both of these people are a pleasure to chat with and they are both busy with their crafts.
They may come from different art media back grounds as do the rest of my artists. But they
all are there to add more to the world of Knight Seeker, and I thank them for that.

See you guys in San Diego, and yah I will make sure new pictures shall follow when I get
back from the west coast.

August 20, 2007
I have been staying steady as always. I just got back about a week ago
from Wizard's Chicago Comic Convention, and I had a nice time.
San Diego was great to, but now getting my self all ready for Dragon Con
one of the best places I like to go every year. It's more like a family reunion.
Knight Seeker's new suit I am wearing is about 80% complete,
Tom Sirkot my costume maker is still in the process of adding the extra
details for the suit, but many people loved what he has done so far with
the creation. It should be fully ready for Dragon Con.
Lastly I am going through the artists that will be assigned to
Knight Seeker 2 Crimes of Passion. They are very excited to work on
this and I hope to give the new and old fans of Knight Seeker something
new to just drop your jaw and say, "More Please!"

Till next update guys keep busy and stay safe these last days of summer.

September 10, 2007
I have done a lot of traveling this summer with the conventions. I have
been to San Diego Comic Con, Philly, and Chicago Wizard Con,
Anthro Con in Pitts, Baltimore Con, and last but not least Dragon Con
in Atlanta, GA. I have never done this much traveling in one season,
and I am so glad that I did. I have found a band of artists to help with
the chapter work for Knight Seeker 2. I will be updating the site all this
week as appreciation to the people who have come on board my staff,
and also my current staff. All who are a part of this deserve a big pat
on the shoulder from me. Things are really starting to take place,
and this project should set a new standard in the scifi-superhero realm.
Keep up to date all through out the week as this will upgrade.

October 06, 2007
I am happy to say that the artists that are working on
Knight Seeker II : Crimes of Passion are off and running with
their assignments, so it gives me time to work on KS III. I am
hoping to have a release of KS 2 by late Jan. 2008.

Also I will be attending New York Comic Con. in April 2008 as Knight aka
Seeker Entertainment. I will have two of my artists and perhaps one of my models/actors
with me at this event in the Small Press Area. This is my first time attending NY Comic Con
with a booth, so this will be very interesting. The question will be, how many books to bring
of both Knight Seeker 1 and 2?

Oct. 14, 2007
I just returned last night from an interesting gathering of comic book writers and editors.
The gathering was well put together by some of the top guys in the industry. I was invited
to this event by the head speaker and at this time I wish not to reveal his name since he
is looking into my work and I want to give him a fair shot at Knight Seeker before I have
any other interested parties dive into my world.

The only thing that I found a miss with last night was that for this day and age I feel as
though there are not enough ethnic diverse characters in the comic book world. And if
there are a few here and there they are not original hardly at all. Most of the ones that
are Black American, Hispanic, Indian, Chinese, ect. they are mainly constructed with
hand-me-down powers from original Caucasian characters. I am not saying that it's wrong
for these characters to be created, but not as much pride comes from it I feel. Can't the
industry develop original brand new characters, with original names instead of doing the
hand-me-down old clothing routine? Also to the other ethnic characters that are bestowed
the honor of being in the comic world why are most of them without any real destructive
power like the original superheros that have stood as icons in our society? I believe if
the characters were created well they could support their own titles, and not be a
hand-me-down comic book.

That is what brings me to my world of Knight Seeker or aka Seeker Entertainment. It is
my mission to make sure that the characters in the world that I create are as original as
I can make them, but also ones that are full of feeling and value. I don't want the typical
superhero or typical side kick. Each character should be unique and of different races.
We live in an ever changing world so it's my job to do the best that I can for my readers.
It's so odd yet interesting when I am emailed from different parts of the world and people
thank me for developing a character that changed their lives. Even in the most depressing
time of their life they open up that first book of Knight Seeker and read it again and again.
Some people even cry once they know more about this character and consider him a blessing
in their lives they also feel this character is destined for greatness. I am not going to go too
far into it here, perhaps on a panel at a convention at some point. But to all that visit my
site know this, Knight Seeker and his world will have a strong foundation, and I will make
sure that the characters will always not just hit you emotionally but they will also speak to
your inner soul. That is what separates my work from any other superheros in the industry.
Once you read the first novel I believe you will understand, because I believe in what I have
my hands on as do the people that are a part of my projects.

knight seeker

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