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Post  knight seeker on Sat May 29, 2010 8:16 am

Happy New Year 2008!!!

Jan. 27, 2008
This will be the last update for this month. There is a lot going on with Knight Seeker
and I am excited for the character and also for the staff that has been a blessing to this
project. The editor which we have decided to stay with just one for Knight Seeker 2 and
that person is Chervenak J. Thomas. He has been extreamly awesome in his work and
always there to make sure that the book flows properly, and personally he is a great
family man and a great friend. My art staff have been handing in some great works of art.
Each one has a different prospective of Knight Seeker, but their final product represents
the characters well. A few of them have fallen off the track from the original people I
started with for chapter art work, but that sure was not stopping this project. Some
were just not ready for this novel, and I will admit this project will weed people out
and I only want the guys that want to hang in there and see this through because its all
about heart. If their heart is into it they will do what it takes to complete the work.
So the guys that stayed with me have heart and I will put them on my staff any day of
the week.

The artist role call is as follows;
Rodney Jacobsen
RODNEY's Newest Pictures

who has become my lead artist for Knight Seeker illustrations.
I still can't believe
I have such a wonderful person to work with not to forget also his wife
Nikki that does
some of his coloring. Together this couple is a powerful team and keeps
this project moving.

Dan Demille
is a fun person to work with and he loves to shoot from the hip and doesn't
mess around.
He loves to draw women and has great shading ability.

Adam Hicks
is the youngest artist I have on my staff. This guy has a
great view of things in an anime form.
I am very impressed by his work for Knight Seeker 2.
He is also a very humble human being
which is a pleasure to work with. You will normally see Adam at
Wizard World convention in Chicago, IL.
where I will be again this year, and we may share a table
in the artist alley.

Alan Dyson
is an insane person when he has a pencil in his hand.
The man will get down to the
most minute detail in what he is drawing.
He is a very dedicated person to his craft,
and trust me anyone looking at his work will say, "My goodness you
even got that in there,"
like I said he is detail oriented. He has been great to work with
through this project.

Antonio Clark
is the fastest quick draw person around that I have seen.
But he can also do detailed work
and take his time. He also has an aura that attracts
groups of people to watch him do work for
customers at comic conventions. The man is talented and
I am happy to put him on this project,
and he has been true to his word for getting work done.

Bernard Schmalzried
is a comic book illustrator for his own titles, but he wanted to work
with Knight Seeker also, and I am thankful for it.
This artist enjoys doing research on time periods,
and making the scenes come alive with what he draws for the reader.

Blair Smith
is a professional cover artist. He also likes the idea of working
on something new that is why
he joined Knight Seeker, but he also seen the value of what
I have dedicated my time to. He loves to work on large paintings,
and likes going to comic book conventions.

Neill Brengettsey
is a professional illustrator. He has worked for comic,
and product productions.
He is a hard working and gets projects out on time.

Richard Zak
is a superhero artist and has a few of his own charters in the market.
He loves to take anything given to him
and add his own twist to them.
He is also a fellow costumer and goes to the comic book conventions
just as much as I do. He is also part of the Jedi cosplayer group of New York.
He is fun to work with and loves to make people laugh.

Scott Clark
This artist is very, very scifi base in his artwork.
He sees the world with a very different eye than
most artists in the industry. Scott is a professional illustrator and
works with magazines around the country. He has a spirituality
in his work that carries him in a proper and professional manner.

Shawn Alleyne
is an illustrator that has a hand at drawing Hard Action pictures. The kind
of pictures that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat,
and you will have you begging for more. He is very down to earth
and is quite the cook. Sorry ladies he's married.
Shawn is a very out going person and likes working on community projects.

Jan. 14, 2008
Just added the newest model to the staff for our clothing line
Mariusz Kolosek which can be reviewed
on the characters and staff page.
Another tid-bit which is pretty awesome, Tom Sirkot,
and I plan to penetrate the Superhero market by 1%.
That is our goal ladies and gentlemen.
Yes Seeker Entertainment along with Drama In Motion
(Dot) Biz are making this our mission statement.
Keep up to date on our progress in this task.

Jan. 6, 2008
Catching up to the new year and Knight Seeker 2 Crimes Of Passion
is near completion with artwork and editing.
I can't thank my staff enough and they have been
awesome through this whole process.
As for me I am up to the 5th chapter in Knight Seeker vol.3 Old Debts.
I have also have been working harder in the gym to prepare for this years
convention tours along with some of my staff.
Also a last bit of news my costume designer Tom Sirkot and I will be promoting
a new fantasy clothing line this year. This process will take some time but we
plan to start doing orders in April or May. I will give out more information on
this venture as it becomes available.
Everyone have a great 2008 and stay safe. Be sure to check on this site at least
once a month for continuing updates.

Feb. 29, 2008 (Leap year day)
Well the month is just about out, and Orlando, Fl. for Mega Con is just about underway.
I have to tell you guys this month has been an exciting ride, and my staff is ready to
take the next steps to help all projects grow. Knight Seeker 2 will be out around late
March or very early April before New York Comic Convention takes place. I will have
a table for those days in the small press area.
Hope to see some of you guys at MegaCon.

Feb. 24, 2008
It the month of love, and I gotta tell you I am loving the people that I am working with.
Knight Seeker maybe delayed by one month on release, and with hopes that the second
novel will be ready by late March or early April. Also some I must prepare for my table
that was purchased for New York Comic Con. Many things are to follow as time goes on.

March 11, 2008
I just got back from Mega Con and it was a fun time even though I believe
that will be my last time there. The Mega Con has gone to mainly Anime.
I am not knocking Anime, but it's just not meant for my type of work.
Another issue I have to address is that I had to let Brian Martin
aka Martek go to continue his work without Seeker Entertainment,
he was just not ready for what we here at Seeker Entertainment has to offer.
But I wish him good luck and much success.
Well now the air is clear and I am going to keep Knight Seeker
and his world full of life. I think it was a lesson on my part learned
that no one else can write for Knight Seeker, at least in its novel form
so I have to keep it going on my own abilities and purpose.
I would like to inform all of you is still coming
and we plan to really have a clothing line worthy to be looked at an admired.

April 3, 2008
Spring time is here once again.
I am glad the cold days are fading,
and that the warmer weather is here.
I am gearing up for New York Comic Con 2008,
April 18-20.
I will be in the small press area
with 3 of my artists.
Antonio Clark, Shawn Alleyne, and Blair Smith.
We will be doing art prizes for checking out our table,
and also some great T-shirts.
Unfortunately though Knight Seeker 2
will not be ready for release like I had hoped for,
so we will take pre-orders for a hopeful Mid-May '08 release.
The editing requires more time, and I rather my staff
take their time. People expect a quality product,
and a great book to read, so that is the reason for delay
I will have the first novel on hand for sale during the convention.
I will also have the sample chapters of Knight Seeker 2
for people to flip through.
All seems well and I look forward to having a good time.

April 30, 2008
I have decided to add one more artist to my staff.
I met this young man at New York Comic Con.
The artist's name is Tremaine Worrell and he lives in NYC.
He will also be doing 2 pictures for KS2 which is close
to being published.
Here is a sample of Tremaine's aka Tre's work.

Welcome to the Seeker Entertainment staff Tre.

Also here are a few pictures from New York Comic Con.

This is Blair Smith doing the Painting of Knight Seeker
at our table.

Shawn and Antonio talking and drawing for the guests.

Knight Seeker Sketch for a new fan as requested,
done by Shawn.

Another happy fan of our work!!!

April 27, 2008
Still plugging away at looking over the 2nd book
with my Editor Tom C. It's a good amount of time taken
out to do this process. But in the mean time I rather keep you
guys up to date as much as I can, since I am attracting new
readers to the world of Knight Seeker.
A good number of you are asking when the second book is being
released since your really intrigued to see what happens next.
I can feel comfortable with saying Mid-June this year K.S. 2
should be out for public sales.
Also for the novel I have decided to have 3 artists work on the
cover of the second novel. The three artists agree that this will
be a most interesting cover for the readers to view, and it will
be very eye catching. The first concepts are from Rodney my
lead artist for Knight Seeker.

Now that three artists (Rodney Jacobsen, Shawn Alleyne, and
Blair Smith) will be working on a new cover,
this combo will raise the expectation of what we will all
see as a finished cover. The fun part about this is that I have
no idea what these three men will come up with, but
I do like surprises.

Last note for the day I wanted to tell you guys, some of you were
waiting on a certain publishing company to get back to me
on a possible book deal. I have to tell you I was contacted by
one of the biggest sci-fi publishing companies around. I talked to the
editing representative on staff. He said that my book was not
what they were looking for. The funny part that gets me is this,
he said the characters and the back stories are strong, but the
names are cliche. That's really an odd statement. I don't think the
guy really read the book, if he did he would understand as my
readers do. The names of the characters reflect who they
are and what they do through out the book. This method makes
it easier for the reader to remember who they are.
This is why the names are important to the characters.
But of course with editors mostly only read text they
do not understand the emotions and the feelings behind the
characters and what they have to face. That is why for the
reader I make sure the money that you pay to get any Knight
Seeker title that is personally released by me you will have
a true value for your hard earned money.

I will also be undergoing the process of becoming a publishing
company, so Seeker Entertainment will be branching into
other ventures with more writers and artists.

I am hung with the responsibility to have a work that defines my life
and the people that are around me. I don't really sale the books I
write, I share them. That is one of the reasons why I tell a potential
reader to only get the book when you are ready for it. But once
they have it in their hands they understand why I say purchase it
when you are ready. The characters in my writings
have a way of becoming emotional attachment to the readers,
and at the same time the reader may view their lives
in a different fashion.
I will say that if you are on the edge of purchasing a
Knight Seeker novel,
I challenge you to read it, because it will most likly have an impact
on your life, and will challenge you to better yourself.
This is why superheroes are important in our society,
and that is why we now have
Knight Seeker.

April 23, 2008
New York Comic Con. is complete and all I can say is
I want to thank NY Comic Con, organizers for such a fun time.
My hat goes off to my 3 artists that joined me at this event.
I had no idea how all of this was going to work out. I will
admit I was a little nervous about the whole event before it started.
I was concerned that I would not have everything in place
for myself or the artists in time for the convention,
but everything pulled through.
The artists were in heaven the whole time, and they got
to meet some old friends and make a ton of new ones.
It's awesome having 2 drawing artists at my table that
did sketches and sold prints through out the day.
I have to give them much respect
for also being able to greet everyone that came towards our table.
Shawn, and Antonio had bunches of people
around them watching them work on drawings.
On the other side of the table was Blair, who was actually
painting a picture of Knight Seeker standing in a power pose.
Blair spent a good deal of time painting a great piece of art.
The painting here was bought on Sunday.
People have been eying that painting for a long while,
and Blair loved the attention and the people asking questions.

It is amazing how all of this came out of a picture by
Shawn Alleyne.

All three artists are great at fan relations, or
customer service. They answered a great deal
of questions and were happy to give words of
encouragement to up and coming artists.
I myself was helping other writers, answering their
questions about the industry, and was happy to
do so.

A great thing that spiced things up and yes
I was surprised that the News-A-Rama crew stopped
over to our table. They told us that they enjoyed seeing people
gathered around a new project and it seemed to be exciting.
Antonio Clark mainly headed up the report, and his voice was
starting to give out from talking so much to
the fans through out the weekend. As for me I was just sitting back
and letting the artists talk. I was there for my people and this project.
I was not there for me. I have always gone out of my way to make sure
the people I work with are properly taken care of and are always
respected for all that they do. As I said before in my other posts
I am a man on a mission with this new superhero, and I hope to have
Knight Seeker stand out as a icon in the entertainment industry.

Above is the image of me and Antonio, and yeah I think
we are pretty tough.

During our time spent in New York City, Kyle had kept
himself busy bring Knight Seeker into the realm of computers.
This version of Knight Seeker was inspired by Adam Hicks.

June 2, 2008
Philly Wizard Con was a fun weekend.
The place was pretty busy and everyone seemed to
have a great time. Also The Smoke aka Eric Moran
put together a nice network party, and next
year it should be even bigger. For next year
The Smoke and Clayton our hosts intend to
have the network party closer to the convention.

May 31, 2008
Philly Wizard Convention on Friday was fun.
Not as many customers out on a Friday but
I did wear my older version Knight Seeker suit.
But today is the big day so I will be in the newest
suit. Three of my artists from my second book
were there also working their tails off for the
comic book fans. Shawn, Blair, and Antonio the
three of them are having a fun time and looking
forward to a very busy day that should be
on tap for them.
After leaving the convention I was hungry so I
stopped by ALSTARZ. ALSTARZ is the newest
and best sports bar I have ever seen in New Jersey.
The food is over the top, and the prices are reasonable.
The staff is always there to take care of you, but
they are more interactive than most places I have
been to. The staff there is mainly of a younger breed
and many ethnics. They are willing to go the extra
mile to give you a great experience.
The atmosphere of this place with it's 24 huge T.V.s,
mixture of Top 40, R&B, and light Rock gives you a
relaxed but energized feeling the whole time you are
there. The wide open areas are great so you never
feel like your squeezed in. The establishment
even has a large style patio with a bar, and get this
they just added a raw cold shell bar this week.

All in all this place has true class. I say come out to
ALSTARZ you will be amazed.
ALSTARZ is in Bordentown, NJ where Rt. 206
and Rt. 130 meet . It shares the same parking
lot with Mastori's Restaurant
which is owned by the same family.
The official website is here, and the establishment
will be noted in the second novel of Knight Seeker.

May 25, 2008

Well this is my normal one month update,
So what do I tell you guys?
We all know gasoline is up like madd, summer
is just about here, and air flights are
expensive. Most people look forward to this
time of year to take a vacation, but when
all this is going on and your money is
a little low why don't we take a mindful escape.
I say you can take a couple days out, stay
near the shore and read a book on the beach.
My suggestion would be Knight Seeker.
My readers have commented many times
that the novel really does give you the feeling
of the events happening around you. Some say
it's almost like stepping onto the big screen
yourself when you are reading this first
novel in the Knight Seeker saga. All you
have to do is pick up the book and start turning
I understand most of you are looking forward
to Book 2 of Knight Seeker, and I thought
that the book would be ready by Mid-June 2008
but I have to ask for a little more time on this one.
I don't really want to rush this book out into the
market. I will try to shoot for a publishing date
of Mid-July 2008.
Also the book is so much more jammed
packed than the first. Some of my readers have
been asking me how can I top the first?
I will answer that by saying most of you have no
idea what I am about to let loose into the
imaginative world of Knight Seeker, but I will
say this, Book 2 will keep you on your toes
much more than the first novel.

Also another bit of news Spandex4Guys will be
on line soon, perhaps mid June from what
we can tell. The models have been really cool
and I can't wait to work more with them.

Lastly I will be attending Philly Wizard Con this year
as a normal guest, I will not have a table though.
But most of you will see me in costume.

JULY 5, 2008

This is really cool, Seeker Entertainment was
interviewed by Peter LePage and his staff
from News-A-Rama. Antonio, Blair, Shawn, and I were
just having a fun time at NY Comic Con,
and we were happy to do it.
*Click Pulp Secret image below to access video.*

Also last note of the day I got a chance to read
Tempest, a vampire series from Big City Comics.
Eric Moran aka 'The Smoke' is the main character
and it looks really good, can't wait to get the
second issue. Eric was busy at ECBACC
handing out this fun comic book and doing signings.
I was also an invited guess and talking about Knight
Seeker at this event. The convention is growing
and if you are in the surrounding areas of
Philly you should come check it out.

July 2, 2008

Yes I did go to the midnight showing of Hancock.
I had to, being a superhero published novel writer and
all of Knight Seeker.
I am really not into God Like Characters,
and it has a Superman feel to it,
or I should say a Black Superman.
Will Smith definitely gives the what could
have been a very dull character
more taste than Superman himself.
The language in the movie is not really for the little ones
it's a little more adult humor. I say leave the kiddies
at home for this one.
All in all it was a decent story line and I am sure everyone
will be entertained.
I myself thought it would be just an attempt at having
a token-ed black superhero.
I don't like token-ed ethnic superheroes, which is why
I wrote Knight Seeker.
I am glad to say that Hancock has his own taste
and I was happy with the job that was done.

Also a last bit of news I will be at San Diego International Comic Con.
I will be there as a professional guest and I will most likely
be on a few panels talking about writing novels. I don't know the
full details yet but once I am informed I will let you guys know.

Aug. 17, 2008
Time grows near for Dragon Con
in Atlanta, GA.
I look forward to hanging out with all of
my friends who enjoy this costuming event.
If you have never been to Dragon Con you
really should check it out.

Aug. 7, 2008
I had a great time at San Diego Comic Con.
The place was packed as always,
and the service was great.
I hope to be there in 2009 as a guest.
Next on the plate is Dragon Con. in Atlanta, GA.
It is an event that branches all the fictional
realms and make them into one event that
is split between 3 major hotels.

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