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Knight Seeker NEWS 2009

Post  knight seeker on Sat May 29, 2010 8:19 am

Jan. 3, 2009
Happy New Year to all!
This is going to be way off topic but,
I just got back from my local AMC.
I have to tell you this
The movie is fantastic, and a well written
story line. The movie is part of FOX.
If you are looking for something different to see
at the movies this is the one. Don't let the
title of the movie fool you it has a meaning to it.
Other than that Still looking for a private release
of KS 2 by the end of the month.

November 24, 2008
We are going down to the wire for KS Book 2.
I will try to have this available through my website
before Christmas this year.
A national release may happen by late winter.
Crossing fingers here.
Also I will try to produce one book every winter.

Just getting back home from the Game Expo at Philly
Civic Center. It was a fun event that was filled with
video games and artists. It was a great turn out.
I have to thank Eric 'The Smoke' Moran for hosting
some of the events at the convention. Also I like to thank
Blair Smith and Shawn Alleyne for supporting the
work of Seeker Entertainment. Shawn is also working
on a comic book project called Hero's Diary. The writer is
Koran Curtis.
The comic book should be released by Jan. 2009.

September 25, 2008

As my staff and I come to the closing
of Knight Seeker II : Crimes of Passion I wanted
to thank all who have been apart of what we
do. My staff and I are here as true artists
giving it our all in this attempt to bring
the public something wonderful
and also respectful into the sci-fi industry.
We have worked hard on Book Number Two
of this amazing and different type of hero.
Book Number One of Knight Seeker
was just a foundation to the stories
to follow, now in Book Number Two we want
to give you something that will surpass the first novel.
I am happy to reveal the main book cover of
Knight Seeker 2, which was done by three artists.
Rodney Jacobsen was the concept artists.

There also is more artwork in this book
to each chapter from
a hand full of artists from different parts of the
United States.
I guess in a way we are giving the readers
a taste of a somewhat graphic novel.
Stay tuned for more news with Knight Seeker 2
which should be released by DEC. 2008

I will also follow up with the acknowledgments
on this site before the novel is released.
Also for my convention travels in 2009
I will be trying to sit in on panels for writing
to tell the tale of my quest, and why I do this
type of art to express my life.

HMM don't know what happened to the Holiday Season 2008 posts.
Oh well.

March 1, 2009
To keep all of you informed,
I have been working long and hard
with the editors on book 2. I will have to
push the time table back to Mid-Spring
for the release of Book 2.
Also I have been training on eating and
workout habits. The convention season is close
at hand. I will have a table March 7th at
the Holiday Inn located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
for a comic book convention.
I have also been informed that I am requested
as an extra on the
Star Trek Phase II project as a Klingon.
The filming starts in June this year.

April 06, 2009
It has been a long road, but finally
I can almost breathe again.
Knight Seeker 2 is close to final publication,
and I can see the light at the end of the
tunnel. Also the nicer weather is coming
back into the area of New Jersey.
I have updated the Up Coming Events & Pics. page.
The event section is filling up a little,
and I hope to add more events with
the release of the second book.
I am looking forward to doing
audio books for Books 1&2 in the summer.
I added one more page to the site.
The page is called Hotel and Restaurant Reviews.
I thought that the page will come in handy
for people that go to comic book conventions.

May 06, 2009
Knight Seeker Vol. 2
is slated for the end of May.
Thank God, it has been a long project,
but I know many of you will be
happy with the novel.
Also officially I will be at two more events
this month, just go to the events page.
I want to personally thank Charles the
owner of The Comic Book Market
in Bloomfield, New Jersey.
Shawn and I had a great time in his
store during Free Comic Book Day.

May 17, 2009
ECBACC in Philly has come to a close,
and I was with Shawn Alleyne. We had a great time.
It was great seeing some of our old fans, and it was
awesome to make new fans as well.
Knight Seeker Vol. 2, I am hoping to have go to print this week.
The first run of books are needed for a signing I have to do in
Trenton, NJ on May 30th Saturday.
The signing will be held at Classic Books 117 South Warren St.
across from the Trenton, Marriott Hotel.
Also to add both Blair Smith, and Shawn Alleyne will be
at the signing and they hope other artists come
to learn more about what they in the art industry.

I have been given permission
to have my own panel at Philly Wizard World
in June. The panel is about 'Caption Novels',
a different style of novel I created for Knight Seeker 2.
Artists on hand for this will be,
Blair, Shawn, Tremaine, Antonio, Nick, And Kett.

June 07, 2009
Updating the site today due to new press coverage of
the Knight Seeker project in surrounding areas.
Also to note Blair, Shawn, and myself had
a wonderful time in Downtown Trenton on May 30th
at Classics Book Store on 117 South Warren Street
across from the Marriott Hotel,
for our kick off pre-order party of Knight Seeker 2.
The store is really nice and it has a lot of character.
They even play Scrabble on certain nights of the week.
The store is truly there to serve the community.

Aug. 23, 2009
I have been a very busy guy lately.
To start, the scripting for KS1 Audio version
has been great, and I know
the fans are going to love how
this will roll out.
Next step is gathering the voice actors
to do the recordings with. Two possible
well known stars may be a part of this.

Chicago Wizard Con was fun, and I finally got a
chance to party with the stars. I have been busting
my butt in what I do as a writer and it's nice
to be recognized for what I do. Big Thanks to
Eric Moran aka 'The Smoke'.

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